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Who are FUEDI?

FUEDI is the European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts, an organisation comprising fifteen national loss adjusting associations, each representing loss adjusting experts in their own countries. These loss adjusting experts who are qualified in their own country are recognised as FUEDI-ELAE or FUEDI-NLAE depending on their level of qualification.

FUEDI is recognised by the European Commission as the representative body for all professional loss adjusters in Europe.

FUEDI member associations meet twice a year to exchange views and guide the secretariat which comprises an Executive Director, Marketing/Communication Director and an Education Director.

What are the Qualifications?

The FUEDI grants two levels of qualifications both predicated on National Associations’ qualification frameworks.

All requests for qualification recognition should be made to National Associations.

The Highest Title is FUEDI-ELAE

The Fuedi Education Directive states:

Loss adjusting experts who have a university degree, such as Construction Engineer, Accountant or Lawyer, automatically meet the specific educational standards set for the level 1 examinations leading to the « FUEDI ELAE » title used for specialist loss adjusting experts.

The second Level of Qualification is FUEDI NLAE. For more information please visit the FUEDI website for up to date information here.

Fellow and FUEDI Dual Membership

Fellows of the Institute can apply for membership of FUEDI-ELAE upon completion of their CILA Fellowship Application. The CILA will arrange for membership and your Annual Fee will be covered by the Institute.  If you would like to join FUEDI after reaching Fellow status you can contact us at info@cila.co.uk