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Enhance your career by studying towards and gaining an industry recognised qualification

Achieving a professional qualification show that you have a certain level of knowledge, provides reassurance to your employer, their clients and customers that you are equipped to do your job. The process of studying towards a CILA qualification will also widen and enhance your knowledge giving you more confidence and success in your handling of claims. Members who complete the higher levels of qualifications demonstrate an ability to take more senior roles within their company and will progress their careers more rapidly.

It demonstrates your commitment to professional standards

Being a member of the CILA requires you to subscribe to the standards set out in the Institute’s Guide to Professional Conduct. By following these standards in your day to day activities you will demonstrate professional and ethical behaviour.

CILA events and updates will keep your claims knowledge up-to-date

The CILA hosts conferences and lectures at various locations throughout the year. These events are great opportunities to expand your knowledge and meet other members of the Institute. The Institute also delivers webinars and published technical updates on the CILA website.  As a member you will be notified and directed to any new information that is published.

You will receive CILA’s membership Newsletters

The CILA produces newsletters and articles every other month and this is circulated to all members via email. These circulars provides a roundup of Institute activity and celebrates the successes of members. It also includes articles on industry developments, the experiences of members around the world and interesting claim case studies.

You will be joining an industry of over 4,500 claims professionals

The CILA is a membership organisation with over 4,500 individual members. We value and encourage the sharing of member knowledge and expertise as this supports the next generation of claims professionals and brings about continued advancement of our profession. As a member you will be welcomed to get involved in Institute activities, meet other members and build relationships within the claims community.