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Apply forExemptions

What are exemptions?

Exemptions are credits given towards exam modules based off of prior learning. By completing other relevant professional or academic qualifications members can apply for an exemption against some CILA exams which they will no longer be required to sit. CILA offer exemptions for one Certificate exam and two Diploma exams only.

What exemption can I obtain from the Certificate exams?

Candidates who hold the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) Certificate are able to obtain an exemption from CH1 – Introduction to the Insurance Industry.

To achieve Cert-CILA you will need to complete CH2 and CH3 OR CH4. 

What exemption can I obtain from the Diploma exams?

Candidates who hold one or more of the following qualifications are able to obtain an ex-emption from the exams, DP1 – The Principles of Insurance 1 and DP2 – The Principles of Insurance 2:
Chartered Insurance Institute – Diploma in Insurance (Dip CII)
Chartered Insurance Institute – Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII)
Chartered Insurance Institute – Fellowship (FCII)
Insurance Institute of Ireland – Professional Diploma in Insurance (CIP)
Malaysian Insurance Institute – Diploma (DMII)
Singapore College of Insurance – Diploma in General Insurance and Risk Management (DGIRM)
Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance – Diploma of General Insurance

How do I apply for exemptions?

To apply for exemptions please send the Institute a copy of the certificate which evidences your qualification.

Exemptions for CH1 are £175 per exemption.

Exemptions for DP1 are £175 per exemption.

Exemptions for DP2 are £175 per exemption.

My previous qualification is not listed?

The Institute will also consider exemptions based on other academic or professional qualifications depending on their relevance and level of study, including professional qualifications which are attained outside of the UK. To have your qualification considered you will need to complete Recognition of Prior Learning Application Form and then submit by email to info@cila.co.uk for consideration.