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This CILA e-mentoring program is designed to facilitate professional development of our members across the globe encouraging them to become mentors and mentees, no matter what stage of their careers they are at.

Would you like to share your experience and help another person grow and succeed? Alternatively, you may want learn from the experience of others to move forward with your professional development? Sign up to the CILA e-mentoring platform to become a CILA mentor or mentee.

CILA E-Mentoring

Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship, usually over a set period of time, in which an established professional (mentor) provides consistent support, guidance and practical help for a less experienced person (mentee). It is a voluntary relationship, which the mentee or mentor can end at any time.

A mentor is someone who will encourage and support you to make the most of your career, yourself and/or your business. The role of a mentor is to be a trusted confidante, helping you to make informed choices and to encourage a journey of self-discovery. Although the final decisions are always in your hands, a mentor can be invaluable in guiding you to consider all your options, get new information and identify the support you need.

Becoming a CILA mentor is a wonderful way to support the future of our profession and develop the next generation of loss adjusters. It is an opportunity to reflect on the value of your experience and affirm what you have learnt. You may be challenged in a positive way, perhaps by the need to adapt your ideas or views to someone else’s situation. It is an opportunity to inspire another individual and be valued as role model.

You will register on the CILA e-mentoring platform and create a profile which outlines what skills and experience you can offer as a mentor or what skills and experience you would like to learn more about as a mentee. The platform will match mentees with potential mentors. The mentee can send a contact request to their preferred mentor and, if accepted, contact details will be released and the mentoring relationship can begin.