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The CILA Certificate in Insurance Claims Handling is for learners who work in, or want to work in, Loss Adjuster or Insurance Claims Handler in an Insurer or intermediary. The qualification is accredited as a BTEC Level 3 qualification by Pearson.

To be awarded the qualification learners need to complete two compulsory units, CH1 and CH2, and one optional unit either CH3 or CH4.

Attaining the Certificate qualification will provide you with an excellent foundation in claims handling and will also allow you to progress to the CILA Diploma examinations.


To obtain the CILA Certificate qualification you must pass the following multiple choice exams:

CH1 – Introduction to the Insurance Industry

CH2 – Claims Handling

CH3 – Handling Claims for Specific Losses (Option 1 – General)

From the 1st March 2024 members can elect to take:

CH4 – Handling Claims for Specific Losses (Option 2- Liability)

You will be provided with bespoke learning material to help you study for the CILA Certificate exams. We estimate that if you are starting out in your career CH1 and CH2 will take you between 40 to 60 hours of study each. CH3 & CH4 are likely to take 60 hours of study.

A sample of the Certificate learning material is provided below:

• CH1 – Introduction to the Insurance Industry

Studying for the Certificate CH1 paper will give you an understanding of risk and risk transfer, the different people and organisations that operate within the insurance industry and how contract law applies to insurance policies. You will also gain an insight into how a legal liability might arise and obtain an introduction to the principles of insurable interest, indemnity, proximate cause, contribution and subrogation. You will also learn about the regulation of the insurance market and data protection.

CH1 Syllabus

• CH2 – Claims Handling

Studying for the Certificate CH2 paper will give you knowledge of the various elements of an insurance policy including the implications of policy conditions and warranties. You will learn definitions of the insurance perils with supporting case law. You will also gain an insight into claims validation and the mitigation of losses and learn about terms such as reasonable care and gradually operating cause. You will get an introduction to the Fraud Act 2006 and learn how to deal with aspects of policy application, such as underinsurance.

CH2 Syllabus

• CH3 – Advanced Claims Handling (Handling Claims for Specific Losses)

Studying for the Certificate CH3 paper will give you an introduction to more specialist areas such as business interruption claims and factors to consider when handling alternative accommodation claims. You will learn about basic building elements, common buildings damage and the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations. You will also get advice on claims handling in a catastrophe or surge situation and obtain a basic understanding of how to reserve a personal injury claim, along with an overview of the Civil Procedure Rules.

CH3 Syllabus

From 1st March 2024 members will also be able to elect to take the following paper in the place of CH3:

• CH4 – Handling Claims for Specific Losses (Option 2 – Liability Claims)

This unit is aimed at people who work in claims handling within the insurance industry. It gives learners the specific knowledge and understanding they need to handle personal injury and property damage liability claims and establish a basis of liability against a third party identified when handling a first party claim.

CH4 Syllabus

The learning material and entry for each exam are purchased together at a cost of:

CH1 = £350

CH2 = £350

CH3 = £350

Total = £1,050

We recommend that you purchase and complete your Certificate exams one at a time.  This is because each exam entry comes in the form of a voucher which has an expiry date.