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25th July 2024 – Newer Members CPD & Networking Event

Thursday 25th July 2024




Join us for an engaging evening with the Future Focus SIG, designed specifically for our newer members. We kick off with “The Stomping Ground of Insurers” – an insightful Insurance Museum tour around London’s historic EC3 district. Discover the origins of London’s insurance industry, dating back to AD50 when Gaulish traders established the city’s first trading post. Explore medieval insurance practices, fire insurance developments, and the iconic coffee houses that were instrumental in shaping the industry. We’ll also visit some of the modern buildings with historical significance.

After the tour, continue networking over a drink on CILA at a local pub. This event is an excellent opportunity for unstructured CPD, where you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the rich history of insurance and its roots in London.
  • Learn how museums can effectively engage diverse audiences with the subject of insurance.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with fellow professionals and deepen your knowledge of the insurance industry’s fascinating history.