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The Good Study Guide

This second edition of The Good Study Guide published by the Open University this book is an ideal introduction to the world of remote learning. With practical advice and guidance on learning it is an invaluable resource. The book is ideal for those who have not studied for some time – you may take a quick look and ask yourself whether you have time to read this book with all the learning you are setting out to undertake. That is a fair question and if you asked it then the answer is that you most likely do not have time to study in an ineffective manner!

The Good Study Guide retains its primary purpose as a guide for students with a serious interest in long-term development of their learning and study skills. It is not a source of quick fixes and instant remedies. It assumes a willingness to invest time in working on exercises and reflecting on them. It is a thoughtful, theoretically grounded, exploration of the nature of studying and, at the same time, a practical guide to reflective experimentation with techniques, drawing as it does on many years of exploring skills with students. The CILA is most appreciative of the Open University for granting us permission to host this valuable resource within our Technical Library as a free download to our members.

File Type: pdf
Author: Andrew Northedge