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The CILA International SIG represents those members who are based and/or work outside of the UK and Ireland.

The CILA International SIG represents those members who are based and/or work outside of the UK and Ireland. Whilst the methods and approaches to claims handling vary throughout the world, CILA members have a common commitment to professional and ethical standards. The CILA International SIG committee looks to support international members by encouraging global accessibility of Institute resources, regional Institute activity and networking amongst members.

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Niall Metcalfe
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Brian Clark
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Global Risk Solutions

Latin America:
Richard Gross
Advanta Global Services

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Alice Edwards
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Tony Chapman
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John Thompson
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Latest updates

An insightful paper on the Australian bushfires of 2019/2020 which sets out the background to the incident and the considerations for loss adjusters involved in the insurance response.

The writer explains how the landscape and vegetation within Australia leads to bushfires within certain regions. Research into climate change and increasing temperatures are also discussed. The paper outlines the consequences of the fires and the insurance response, including action by the Insurance Council of Australia. Loss adjuster challenges include access to properties, underinsurance, reinstatement requirements, policyholder trauma and other sources of funding (donations and Commonwealth Government).

pdfThe 2019/2020 Australian Bushfires – An evolving catastrophe – Andrew Hodkinson (1.04 MB)

Having worked in the Middle East for over four years, I can say that it is one of the most diverse and exciting places to be a loss adjuster.

We work almost exclusively on commercial losses, of all sizes up to mega claims in excess of $100m. The scope of these losses spans virtually all classes and perils, which means your skills are always being put to the test. Fortunately I work with a very talented team.

In many ways it is a very traditional market, which can be appealing to some people in our profession. The market comprises a full range of clients, local cedants, local and international brokers, regional and international insurers and reinsurers who value what Chartered Loss Adjusters can provide.

Of course, one way in which it differs dramatically from countries such as the UK is the weather. There appear to be only two seasons in the Middle East – hot and very hot. Virtually everywhere is air-conditioned which makes it manageable, but when you’re dealing with a loss such as a high-rise fire or large industrial loss in the middle of summer and the electricity has been turned off, it can be pretty tough.

In terms of living in the Middle East, Dubai is a wonderful city. It is a unique and diverse environment, which is also very safe, tolerant and offers the opportunity for a fabulous social life. There are of course rules to be followed and this needs to be recognized, but if you stay within those rules it offers a great place to live.

From a career perspective, transferring to Dubai proved a great decision and that is echoed by many who have made the move. It is 7 hours from London and whilst there are compromises to be made – living away from home, friends and family – it is a great place to be and I highly recommend it.

Brian Clark ACII FCILA is the Executive Director for Crawford & Company Middle East

We are all familiar with the more common named risks that construction all risk policies may cover on construction sites – such as fires, floods, strikes and “acts of god” – and also with more catastrophic risks that could arise – such as hurricanes, earthquakes and el niño’s – which may constitute a “sudden and unforeseeable” event which attracts cover.

The following article has kindly been provided by Kennedys who are supporting sponsors of the CILA’s Construction, Energy & Engineering SIG.


Once an exclusively European concept, data privacy laws are booming globally. While most European data privacy laws are based around a common EC Directive, lawmakers in Asia Pacific have adopted and developed a wide range of privacy principles to address their particular needs.

Kennedys have compiled a reference guide for the main jurisdictions in the region, comparing the various principles which make up each country’s data privacy law.

Kennedys reference guide to Asia-Pacific data privacy laws

The Indian insurance sector has historically been highly regulated. Despite this, until recently, there were no specific regulatory norms prescribed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) pertaining to protection of information and data received and created by insurers.

The following article has kindly been provided by Kennedys who are supporting sponsors of the CILA’s Construction, Energy & Engineering SIG.

In the frame: the introduction of a regulatory cyber security framework for Indian insurers

The EU’s new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in May 2018 but its impact is not limited to European businesses. Australian businesses with European customers or staff may be affected too.

The following article has kindly been provided by Kennedys who are supporting sponsors of the CILA’s Construction, Energy & Engineering SIG.

The General Data Protection Regulation: How will it affect Australian businesses?

Wildfires are rarely out of the news at the moment and their frequency, and intensity, is increasing. Whilst North America and Mediterranean Europe have suffered the most recent devastating losses, the risk of UK wildfires exists and this risk is growing. The following reports have been prepared by Kennedys and explore the subject from a UK and US perspective. Kennedys are supporting sponsors of the CILA Construction, Energy & Engineering SIG.

Wildfires Report

Wildfire Liability from a US Perspective

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