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It's no secret the CILA could not operate without its wider network of volunteers.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do, they give up their time, expertise and knowledge and so it is important that our volunteers are recognised for the most important work they undertake.

As a members’ institute we can only fulfil our vision to be “Respected, Relevant and Representative” if we continue to receive their support.

Our volunteers are ambassadors for the Institute. Consequently, members have certain expectations of the quality and frequency of the engagement they experience from the SIGs. Each SIG is lead by a SIG Chair. SIG Chairs play a pivotal role in ensuring that the groups operate effectively and meet the objectives and targets outlined in this document.

SIG volunteers attend bi-monthly committee meetings which are mainly held online with occasional meetings in person at the CILA head office. The committees are open to all members to join but participation has some requirements.

All CILA members are required to complete 35hrs Continual Professional Development (CPD) annually. Of this CPD 21hrs must be structured and 14hrs are unstructured. Structured hours are usually one to one learning moments, such as lectures and webinars. Unstructured hours would be reading articles and papers. SIG volunteers ensure that the Institute provides annually events and content at a relevant level and up-to-date to our membership to aid in their professional development and all members of the committee are required to assist in this venture. 

This may include, but not limited to, presenting events and webinars, writing technical papers or other materials, lending expertise to external meetings and committees under the CILA banner.

The Institute recognises that our members have a vast wealth of experience within their field but potentially may need assistance in communicating or disseminating that knowledge to the membership. Where necessary, we will arrange appropriate training / coaching to  help with outputs. We anticipate that this additional skills  will also serve to further your career.

Training and support will include but not be limited to:

  • Public Speaking
  • Media training
  • Presentation building
  • Train the trainer
  • Leadership
  • Copy writing – by a professional for articles etc

We are working on developing a benefits package which will expand on the current offer of discounted tickets and invites to our hospitality events. We will also seek out more opportunities for our volunteers to showcase their knowledge and skills at wider industry events and will ensure that opportunities are given equally to all SIG members.

The CILA’s inclusion and diversity policy sets out our commitment to respecting and promoting inclusion and diversity in all of our activities through an inclusive culture and working practices.

We are committed to ensuring inclusion and the fair and respectful treatment of all individuals. The Institute will not tolerate any form of unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

With this in mind we are looking to diversify SIGs by opening up the SIG groups to more volunteers. members of all ages and experience level are welcome to apply to be a volunteer. We are also open to including associated roles such as brokers and insurers.

We hope that you are interested in applying to become a volunteer of the Institute, if so please contact Claire Luckhurst claire.luckhurst@cila.co.uk to express your interest or find out more about the role.