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Rob Didcock

Information Resources Manager

A bit about me

I am the Information Resources Manager at CILA, and my role encompasses both IT and data analysis.

My background is in technical IT, initially managing enterprise servers in an outsourced environment for various clients.  In my personal life I enjoy reading, writing, hiking and, at the end of it all, a glass or two of wine.

What I do

I joined CILA over 15 years ago as the editor and administrator of the CILA website.  Since then my role has grown to include database management and development, along with the administration of various technical processes within CILA.

I also provide data as required to the rest of the CILA team, along with Managament Information to the Executive Committee and Council.

How to contact me

You can contact me via email Rob.Didcock@cila.co.uk or call the membership hotline on +44 (0)203 891 5720.

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